For Customers:
Hong Kong cost of living is so high that residents have to be constantly on the lookout for bargains, value for money is hard to come by.
As a thank you to our customers for their business and loyalty, we have added a little extra benefit to our services where we try to identify good deals so that you can SAVE, SAVE, SAVE.
To do this, we have set up a coupon system entitled Value Services Limited, which is here to help connect the customer and the companies.
We help our customers to save money by giving them access to great products through the medium of Free coupons. 
With Free coupons, customers can try a number of different goods and services to find something that really helps and benefits them. 
All coupons are free and available upon request.
Just ask us and you can start saving immediately!
For Companies:
The concept of the service is to help companies promote their products, both reducing their marketing costs and enabling them to reach new markets, Coupons can be published and distributed at a shockingly low price.
Contact our representative:  for a low quote